Just how can you append my name to an institution that holds over 700 billion (seven hundred billion Euros ) Euros in a foreign bank account and under subterfuge with another bank’s name as a cover-up. Unless of-course you want me to declare that I am an unholy god, a biased God or an one sided God?

To add insult to injury, you keep begging for alms in my Holy name? Do you all have no shame of any kind in what your are dong to me and to my churches world- wide?

Believe me I have Satcoms, internet, super cloud, and what have you and therefore have no need for an institution like your unholy one. I can bypass you all.

El Shaddai. 25th August 2016.

(Even as he was dictating these words the Holy Spirit broke into tears. SRT)



Heaven at its best is an illusionary piece of space. Nothing within its realms visually exists. Even I, El Shaddai will remain invisible to its subjects however, there may be times you will feel my presence within you.

The apparitions at Lourdes in France was an instance where a little French girl Bernadette was able to peer into my heavenly abode thereby opening a new world for the followers of Yeshua wherein it was additionally confirmed heaven does exist!

It was created by me for the followers of Yeshua, as something to look forward to; for those following my teachings from within in the body of Yeshua. There lies a life that is without sickness, pain or death. You will share my knowledge as it exists and nothing will remain hidden from you. You will truly live like my beloved.

El Shaddai 21st August 2016.


On Heaven -3


If belief in God is to survive today, the truth about heaven may also be given to his followers because it has always been portrayed to be a place of immense joy and bliss according to prelates. Incidentally joy and bliss are only feelings not something solid.  So is God, only an invisible gas not something concrete.

Let’s begin:


After your recent revelation about heaven dated 15 August 2016. (Heaven-2)

Heaven does not seem to be a very exciting place to live in. Please shed some light over this, after all we live in a real world and not a gaseous world of illusions which it would seem to appear from recent apparitions witnessed here on earth, e.g. Bernadette of Lourdes, Sister Lucy of Fatima and the Seers of Garabandal. What some have witnessed in this era about heaven happened in a visionary world, but is that enough to sustain the faith in God “generic” in a real world?


The Answer.

O.K., under my Old Covenant with some Jews of that era, I am talking about life in times of Moses, heaven was not mentioned or expressed as such as it is spoken of today, and at times blown out of all proportions. Then, the rewards given to the Jews of that era was, if you keep my commandments, things will go well with you. Not necessarily by my will and even today that still holds good for those Jews who follow the doctrines laid down by Moses (not me) under God known as Yahweh to the Jews and as they will have it.  Apart from Temple sacrifices and worship, no major objections to that faith today.  Remember that Religion is a means to an end and not an end in itself.

With the arrival of Yeshua came a new system of rewards but not this world oriented. The people he was preaching and teaching to were extremely poor, without even proper clothes to wear, nor had they enough food to assuage pangs of hunger. For him to say all will go well with you would have been sarcastic to say the least. I promised them eternal life and all their wants and needs would be taken care of in heaven where even now the same holds good although in an illusionary world at its best. If your child wants a pet in heaven it will be granted although in an illusionary sense. This has to be witnessed to believe. Pets are not raised to life but exist like toys to play with and put away when tired of them; and so to with eats, drinks and wearing apparel, all of which exists in an illusionary world. E.g Did the sun dance at Fatima? No, it did not but in an illusionary world some thousands of people will swear by it that they did witness it dancing?

Finally, this is just an appeasement until the sum of total intelligence emerges to give you all a more perfect picture of heaven. At this stage this should suffice for your children and their children until the arrival of your next prophet. From somewhere in South  America. Venezuela for instance?

El Shaddai 18th August 2016.




If God is an intelligence who is creating an intelligence apart from himself,

it follows that in him there can be no LIE!

SRT. 17th August 2016





Will man be able to talk with you in heaven?

No, the same system that exists here exists there too.

However at times,  you will  be made aware of  me. This cannot happen here because of religious differences. You will understand the system better when you shall arrive after I have raised you from the dead. It is not an automatic system, you die and you enter heaven or where ever your religion teaches you.

El Shaddai 15th August 2016.





What is it that people most want from you as Generic God, on a world- wide basis?

That’s easy.

First Health, second Wealth and the third Happiness.


El Shaddai 13th August 2016. 


Wisdom 11.

Of the many reasons I introduced man to religion, this one “to tidy up or to clean up your dog” (the animal in man) is important. To stray away from this fact or to break its moorings is to drift helplessly into morass.

El-Shaddai 11th August 2016.


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