Of Fr. H. Comos.

It has been revealed to me by THS that Fr. Hyacinth Comos, in his dying moments, had revealed to a brother Jesuit, that Jesus Christ also known as Yeshua, had told him that He (Yeshua) was NOT God.

SRT 16th October 2016.


Now that we have published this, what else did J.C. tell Fr. Comos is what his brothers should fearlessly publish for the rest of us to know.

SRT 16th October 2016.



(In reply to your personal questions to me your Loving Father.)



Will you be making any changes to what you have stated under your name El Shaddai in “The Living Testament?” which you have dictated through me writing as a piece of chalk in your hands, to the followers of Yeshua?”

Maybe, but positively not in your own lifetime. More opportunely when another prophet has been raised by me.

El Shaddai. 16th October 2016.



 From sitting on a high horse and majestically proclaiming “Outside the church no salvation”, to eating humble pie and contritely acknowledging that many religious beliefs in one God is an acceptable option, is to step down to ground level for the Catholic hierarchy and for the priesthood in particular; no snide remarks on Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and other faiths to uphold Christianity. What a relief for one and all out here on the sub- continent who constantly rub shoulders with fellow workers of other faiths even from childhood.  We’ve schooled together, played together and worked together. Do you not feel the need of a local Pope, one who feels the pulse of the people, our brothers and sisters instead of a foreigner? Which country in the world we live in today will allow a foreigner to rule them yet it is happening right here in the Catholic church. Even a possible Catholic ruler abroad is looked at askance because of the fear of Italian influence on him. Members of our hierarchy are quite under its influence. I do not have to spell it out to you.  Let them all know in no uncertain terms we prefer to have our own Pope in accordance with the desires our God El Shaddai.  The last man left standing wins even if 200 years from now says our God El Shaddai and I will have my way.

 Long may he reign!

SRT  9th Oct 2016.




Yeshua or Jesus Christ is the main Pole that holds up the Christian Tent of God. He is the one and only begotten son of El Shaddai the Christian God BUT IS NOT GOD-YET or unless I say so.  If you disagree then please enter another tent upheld by another prophet or son  of God.  What we are teaching here in this tent is that there is only one God and many Religious beliefs. There is ample choice for you to find a seat elsewhere.

El Shaddai. 9th October 2016.



Father Comos was often asked for proof of what he had heard from the several apparitions of Jesus Christ which he had witnessed in his life, otherwise it was all paca paca as or loose talk. (I am talking about his brother jesuits).

What Jesus Christ had revealed to him, I have fairly good knowledge of through The Holy Spirit only, but not really all of it. Most of it concerned the sinful behavior of priests in the world; about the dissolution of The Holy Eucharist as a sacrament about the forgiveness of sins by priests and the sacrifice of Mass today being a travesty of the truth because of publically disclosed sinful priests. (For one such example, read the book “Betrayal” the crisis in the catholic church by the investigative staff of the Boston Globe.)

He did mention that I was a son of God like Yeshua but then all who accept the teachings of Christ are sons of El Shaddai so this could only have meant stamp of approval by Jesus Christ of one AnthonyR Pereira that is all.  Nothing for Priests to pointedly and visually measure me, from the tip of my head to the soles of my shoes in derision of who I was or what a big man I had become or a fool for that matter.

Let me here reassure you that, while Yeshua is the only begotten son of God, me on my part am only an adopted? For want of a better word, son of El Shaddai, a stamp of approval by Yeshua of me only as reassurance for Fr. Comos to accept who I was, namely a messenger or prophet of El Shaddai.  Fr. Comos soon after did visit my home and met with other members of my family; otherwise I wouldn’t dare be writing all this down for the churches believe in.

Coming to providing proof of what he had heard from Jesus Christ, I had absolutely no idea of what it was except one fine day I was told by THS to go visit with Fr. Comos, and convey to him that his head would swell up like a pumpkin after which he would fall to the ground with its weight. I did just that and came home. It was too much for me to decipher. It is only in these days; it has been revealed to me that what Comos wanted from Jesus was the stigmata or wounds of Christ as signs of proof that what he had heard from Yeshua was true. It was THS who ruled it out as not befitting Comos. Why? I don’t know. I suppose it would fall under category: “Is this what I want or what you want or whatever”. Remember I my self was ignored whenever I pleaded with him to indicate to my wife why I had ceased working at sea. He is the architect of The Living Testament so we have to allow him do its planning and execution.

The above has been written specifically for priests so that you do not aspire for the big gifts from God but to accept the cross of Christ and fight ignorance on your own strength, not to say that THS is not there for you. Do cultivate his sonship. Do take part in Pentecostal meets and leave the Eucharist at home don’t carry it with you. It will not help you mentally or physically. Believe me.


What I have been trying to establish in my blogs is a working communication system between you a reader and El Shaddai your God as under:

“Everything you wanted to know about God but were afraid to ask him for fear of making him angry or being cast into an imaginary damnation.”

How to go about this Is very simple.  Ask him who you now know lives in you as O, your personal questions and chances are you might find your answers written here.  Why he does not reply directly to you has already been explained.

Above all he loves each and every one of you and wants you to get closer to him. Not to be afraid of him. Talk with him as you would your own Father.

Call out to him as Abba or Papa or Daddy or Da Da or Ba Ba or whatever you do in your own native tongue.  He is all that to you and more. If you love him and follow his commandments, he will never forsake you.

I call him Father because a long time ago he said he was my Father thereby indicating to me who he was. Of course then I didn’t believe him.

SRT 9th October 2016.

  • Spotlight is a multi-Oscar nominated film. A movie which is based on the book “Betrayal”.
  • It will be aired on Star satellite Tv this month according to clips advertised on Sat-TV. In the sub-continent and for others, this book and the DVD is available with Amazon.





Our God El Shaddai does not have a physically endowed body. Hence he cannot be classified as a ‘Male God’ or a ‘Female God’ or an ‘It God’. For all practical purposes, we will be referring to El Shaddai as Oxygen and by a Godly name. “El Shaddai” for Christians.


El Shaddai does not have a permanent abode; Just as an electron can exist in the atom of anything so can El Shaddai. El Shaddai cannot be pinned down to any one atom hence one cannot classify him as an object but rather a sort of Force.  More on this from El Shaddai later. When I started out into this quest for God, I heard from THS that the intelligence of God was formed by a re-creative process that developed over several billon years ago, long before our world came into existence.

That definitely proclaims that God is an artificial intelligence. He Was not there from scratch if you want to say there was a beginning. The big bang as you want to call it came into existence later much later. (I am not A Math’s professor.)

From SRT.

The trouble is why does God not reveal himself at least to the Ministers who head the governing body of his churches worldwide? (I myself have baptized three priests to date but only on the orders of THS. One should not attempt this on one’s own, It’s playing with Fire.) Father Hayacinth Comos has since expired. It is totally in effective. People do not readily accept it. Each person in the world would require a personal confirmation to believe all that what was revealed as true and this defeats El Shaddai’s work of advancing STI quite apart from himself. What happened to Fr. Comos? He got treated very badly. That is why El Shaddai got stuck but not for long.

So blind faith comes into play. Hence an Atheist can say that God does not exist and it is a figment of a man’s imagination. (Remember he is in Atheists also. Do you remember the constructive criticism we were talking about some time back? Well, this is where the Generic God and constructive criticism comes into play against a personal Religious god, Hence Atheists are needed and for this purpose only, for the advancement of STI.)

Another reason, I do not need the permission of the head of any religious organization to publish what I have heard from El Shaddai, whereas a priest or a nun does, hence that is another hurdle to overcome.  If a Jesuit rogue says black is white his underling will say true. You don’t believe it? Look what happened to Fr. Comos. He was completely subdued by this disciplinary system enforced by their head. The enforcement of the will of one man over another, all be it for the good of their society?

It’s like that. Thank God above my Cap there is no other Cap. I have only one Boss!

Well let’s move on to something more interesting to the world at large.

SRT 29th Sept 2016.



(Asked by several followers.)


How does one attire one’s self in a place of worship that is  open to the community.?

The Answer.

Please do not wear:

1.     Anything provocative.

2.     Anything Sexy.

3.     Keep your hair-do covered if it distracts members of the congregation and men too should wear a cap or hat  if they sport a weird hair-do or sculptured hair style like some of the soccer players of today for instance but not in deference to me.  

4.     Do not try to upstage Me. The sole reason you have assembled together is to worship Me.

5.     You should be bare feet if it is required by the keepers of the House of prayer and worship whichever; But not in deference to Me.

6.     Above all do not make a nuisance of yourself. If you are asked to leave please do so quietly. You can talk with me in your own home and that will be good enough for me.

El-Shaddai 25th Sept 2016.